Installation Ceremony 2021

December 13, 2021
Andy S.
Andy S.

On the evening of Wednesday 1st December 2021, the members of the lodge and visiting brethren, gathered together in order to bestow the title of Master of the Lodge upon Andy S., who had served the previous three years as a warden. After welcoming the representative of the Provincial Grand Master into the lodge room, Andy was installed by Jim M. according to ancient custom, after which he was proclaimed three times by the Director of Ceremonies.

The Master was then pleased to appoint and invest his officers and stewards for 2021-2022. It was remarked later over dinner how pleasing it was to see that all the progressive offices were held by 'light blues' each of whom had moved one rung up the 'ladder.'

The evening concluded at half past eleven, after a four-course dinner complete with the usual raffle (which raised over £200 for charity), toasts and song.

Photo of authorRob H.

Rob has been a member of Phoenix Lodge since 2004 and occupied the chair in 2011. He is currently the lodge's Director of Ceremonies, responsible for the quality of ritual delivered at meetings. He advises members on matters of etiquette and procedure. Rob is also the lodge's inaugural Membership Officer. In his spare time he enjoys photography and computing, the odd hike, as well as his Freemasonry.

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