Proclamation Ceremony 2019

January 3, 2019

A most unusual ceremony took place at the Phoenix Lodge on the evening of 2nd January, as Rod C. continued in the chair for another year. After welcoming David D. (representing the Provincial Grand Master) into the lodge room, Rod was proclaimed by the Director of Ceremonies in due form, who then proceeded to assist the Master in appointing and investing his officers and stewards for 2019. It was remarked later over dinner how pleasing it was to see so many 'light blues' holding progressive offices, and it was agreed by all that these officers have bright masonic careers ahead of them (ably assisted by a few old salts!)

The evening concluded at a quarter to eleven, after a four-course dinner complete with the usual raffle (which raised over £200 for charity), toasts and song.

Rob H.

Rob has been a member of Phoenix Lodge since 2004 and occupied the chair in 2011. He is currently the lodge's Director of Ceremonies, responsible for the quality of ritual delivered at meetings. He advises members on matters of etiquette and procedure. In his spare time he enjoys his photography and computing, as well as his Freemasonry.

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