COVID-19: Next Steps in 2021

May 24, 2021

Recently our members voted to voluntarily suspend the lodge for a period of three calendar months, which will take us through our traditional recess, to September. The Master has obtained a dispensation from the Provincial Grand Master, which effectively ratifies the vote. The reasons for suspension are manifold, not least to give everyone a little more time to have received two doses of vaccine, before our intended resumption of duties on Wednesday, September 1st.

Until we meet again physically, we will continue to meet casually over Zoom. These virtual get-togethers have proven successful, and doubtless will be crucial in planning for our 'meetings proper.' Zoom meetings take place at the same time as the regular lodge meetings, which will include August. Members will find the link in the members' pages of this site and are warmly encouraged to join in.

In the meantime, on behalf of the Master and my fellow officers, I wish you an enjoyable summer, in the best of health.

Rob H.

Rob has been a member of Phoenix Lodge since 2004 and occupied the chair in 2011. He is currently the lodge's Director of Ceremonies, responsible for the quality of ritual delivered at meetings. He advises members on matters of etiquette and procedure. In his spare time he enjoys his photography and computing, as well as his Freemasonry.

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