Chapter De Lambton No. 94

January 1, 2019
Royal Arch

Chapter De Lambton No. 94 is a Royal Arch Chapter attached to Phoenix Lodge. The Royal Arch is a 'side degree' that allows members to cement their understanding of the symbolism and philosophical teaching in the Craft degrees, by exploring different ceremonies. Our chapter meets on different evenings to the lodge; four times per year as opposed to eleven. It is not necessary to join the same chapter attached to one's lodge, so members may meet people they do not normally see at their lodge night. The format of the evening is similar however, with a ceremony followed by dinner. All Master Masons are encouraged to join, and existing members may obtain information from the lodge's Mentor.

Rob H.

Rob has been a member of Phoenix Lodge since 2004 and occupied the chair in 2011. He is currently the lodge's Director of Ceremonies, responsible for the quality of ritual delivered at meetings. He advises members on matters of etiquette and procedure. In his spare time he enjoys his photography and computing, as well as his Freemasonry.

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